Herbal tea for a bath

Herbal tea for a bath
The best drink after the bath, not beer or kvass, but herbal tea.
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The best drink after the bath, not beer or kvass, but herbal tea. For a bath, a hot infusion of herbs and fruits is the same as a relaxing massage, a vitamin cocktail and a remedy that increases sweating and detoxifies the body of harmful substances. That is why our ancestors drank an infusion of medicinal herbs with kvassl after the bath.

"Vitagrin" invites you to take with you to the bath herbal teas made from plants collected in ecologically clean regions of the North Caucasus.
Herbal tea from the Vitagrin company

An infusion of linden blossom, willow tea, mint, jasmine, chamomile, from the leaves and berries of wild strawberries, lingonberries and black currants, as well as rose hips is best suited for healthy tea drinking after a bath or sauna. It is not always possible to find these useful plants ourselves. The Vitagrin company has taken care of you by creating high-quality mixtures of herbs and fruits in convenient packaging. Each collection is different in its composition and a set of useful properties that are inherent in plants by nature itself.

The drink with Ivan-tea herb has a pleasant aftertaste and light aroma. It will be useful not only for colds or hangovers, but also after a bath, since it removes harmful substances well, tones up, perfectly quenches thirst and, like other field and forest plants, does not contain caffeine.

Honey linden tea has a golden color and a well-defined honey taste. It helps to restore strength, is always useful for various colds, as it is a good diaphoretic and expectorant.

You can always buy this and any other herbal tea for a bath on our website and order delivery of wonderful Vitagrin teas and drinks to any city.


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