For wholesale buyers

Good tea wholesale from the manufacturer
The company "VITAGRIN" - a manufacturer of tea drinks and teas with the addition of natural herbs and fruits - offers retailers and HoReCa a wide selection of its products at wholesale prices. Natural ingredients and high-quality packaging, only real tea in bulk from the manufacturer.

To place an order, you can call by phone or place an application on our website. We will check the availability of tea of ​​the assortment you need in the warehouse and fulfill the order.

When buying tea through our website, you can choose a delivery method, taking into account its volume and cost. We will clarify the total amount of the order during the working day.

Don't miss the chance to buy real tea in bulk from the manufacturer. We have something to offer each wholesale buyer:

  • we offer restaurants and cafes to significantly expand the tea list by adding a good selection of unique tea drinks and teas with natural herbs;
  • for stores, the addition of our company's tea drinks to the range of natural drinks offered to customers will make it possible to make a truly unique offer for customers, to attract the attention of adherents of a healthy lifestyle. They will find from you exactly what they have been looking for;
  • for fitness centers, adding VITAGRIN tea drinks to the fitness bar menu will help diversify the tea list, maintain the reputation of a real health center, where everyone can relax after exercise or workout with a cup of good natural herbal or green tea

Please note that all tea products are available in convenient packaging of twelve shape bags. The line of the offer is constantly updated with new tea-herbal mixtures of unique composition. Selling herbal teas and beverages is a good opportunity for your business to attract buyers.

You can get acquainted with the assortment by looking at the catalog on the site of the company "VITAGRIN".

Do not delay a call or request. Buy tea in bulk from the manufacturer. We will immediately send you a price list with current wholesale prices. We work with many wholesale buyers. Delivery addresses are not only Krasnodar or Moscow, but also many other cities in Russia.

The VITAGRIN company will always prepare the best offer for wholesale buyers.

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