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«Na travushkah»

Herbal tea products from the Krasnodar region

for the preservation of natural purity:

We protect our products

from everything hazardous, harmful and unnecessary-there are no dyes, flavorings, preservatives, or GMOs.

We use

the bounty of the organic world, such as the useful properties of plants, proven over the centuries and able to maintain health.

We advise you to try our selected tea!


Our drinks are undoubtedly healthy and absolutely safe for humans, because they contain nothing but natural ingredients: high-quality teas from India, China, Ceylon Island (Sri Lanka), wild herbs, berries, hand-picked in the North Caucasus and Altai, in Siberia and the Far East of Russia;


Our shop is a family business. We offer only high-quality products. The Head of the family business and the Founder of the company, Valery Viktorovich Lesnikov, pays the utmost attention to quality control;


We have created our own recipes for tea drinks that taste great. All products are certified;


Vitagrin Tea Company

Vitagrin Tea Company is a manufacturer of natural herbal teas, tea drinks, organic tea. Our tea products are represented in the Krasnodar region and beyond.

The company's factory is in Abinsk, a small town not far from the Black Sea. We have been working on the creation of natural tea drinks in paper bags since 1999.

The production of tea from wild herbs and berries gathered and sorted manually is a laborious and painstaking process. Not every manufacturer manages to preserve useful substances in them, given by nature. Vitagrin Tea Shop produces only healthy and high-quality tea. We are concerned about our reputation. Vitagrin brand is a family business, and this means a lot: we want to pass on our honest and good name, as well as the exclusive recipes of our drinks, to our children and grandchildren, keeping the connection of times.

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