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Shelf Fungus Tea with Lemon - фото - 5

Shelf Fungus Tea with Lemon

Ingredients: Shelf Fungus, lemon zest, oregano grass
Lagonak Tea - фото - 3

Lagonak Tea

Ingredients: thyme, St. John's wort, immortelle, mint, melissa, agrimony
Winter Tea with Thyme and Echinacea - фото - 3

Winter Tea with Thyme and Echinacea

Ingredients: plantain leaves, thyme leaves, sage leaves, althea herb, Echinacea purpurea herb, chamomile flowers, thyme flowers
Juniper Tea with Melissa - фото - 5

Juniper Tea with Melissa

Ingredients: juniper fruit, melissa herb, calendula flowers, red rose petals, ginger root
Lime tea with apple - фото - 5

Lime tea with apple

Ingredients: linden blossoms, dried apple slices, thyme
Mint Tea with Citrus - фото - 5

Mint Tea with Citrus

Ingredients: peppermint leaves, lemon zest
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