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VITAGRIN LLC (ex. «FITOROSS») — is a family business with more than 20 years of history and knowledge in working with wild medicinal herbs, from the collection of raw materials to the production of tea blends. The company's factory is in Abinsk, a small town not far from the Black Sea, in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains.

In 1986, Board Certified in General Practice Valery Viktorovich Lesnikov, one of the first in Russia, opened a private practice in phytotherapy, which began to apply a unique herbal tea, developed on their own formulation.  This necessitated the harvesting of medicinal herbs. The nature of the foothills is generous to the gifts of the plant world, there are 160 species of medicinal plants. The harvest was done by the family. Valery Viktorovich always shared his knowledge with his daughters, who also took part in hikes to collect herbs.

In 1992, alongside a private practice, a company was established to produce medicinal plant tea.

In 1999, a decade ahead of the trend for natural herbal teas, he and his family members founded FITOROSS, a factory for the production of natural tea drinks. We tried to make herbal teas not only healthy but also tasty, improving the technology of working with dried herbs, fruits and berries, so that the production has preserved the natural aroma and flavor.



All this time continuous work is being done to create new flavors of tea drinks, selecting reliable suppliers of quality raw materials and expanding the sales market.

The enterprise has implemented the HAССP system in 2014. Thanks to the development of production with a high level of product safety, we have concluded the first contracts for the production of products under store brands, including with major retail chains.
 Considering the market trends towards environmental friendliness, a line of herbal blends in Kraft bags “Herbs for Tea” was released.

In 2019, a collection of fruit and berry teas was developed and presented under the new NA TRAVUSHKAH (herb-infused) brand.

In 2021, a new line of herbal teas in IMMUNITAS pyramids was introduced under the NA TRAVUSHKAH brand namе. 

New product was released in summer of 2022 - a compote mixture without sulfur dioxide under the trade "Compote stories" 


















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13, Vokzalnaya str., Abinsk, Krasnodar region, 353320
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