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Article number: trav_12-08
Ingredients: thyme flowers and leaves
Producer : VitaGreen LLC
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Mountain savory is a very aromatic drink with a rich spicy smell and bright taste. Since time immemorial, thyme has been worshipped as a divine herb capable of restoring not only health but also the joy of life. That's why thyme tea is so healthy to drink. 
Natural composition of the drink ensures the properties of tea, plants for which were collected in the Alpine meadows of the Lago-Naki Plateau in the Krasnodar region and the Republic of Adygea. It is good for relieving fatigue, increases productivity, improves sexual potency. This flaming, hot, passionate tea tones, improves overall physical condition and liveliness, and helps to improve memory. 
Mountain savory is also useful in a time of cold, soothes coughs, normalizes digestion, eliminates neurosis and insomnia. 
The Vitagrin Company offers you tea with mountain savory in ecol Kraft bags. 

Net weight 40 g. 
Kraft bag.
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