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Article number: trav_12-07
Ingredients: mint leaves
Producer : Vita Green LLC
Price: 139

The most fragrant peppermint with a high content of essential oils and nutrients grows in the rich medicinal plants of the Kuban land. For the Herbs for Tea collection, Vitagrin uses only quality prepared herbs. The fragrant peppermint is hand-picked and packaged.
Peppermint tea increases performance, giving clarity to thoughts and romance to feelings, bringing you to a state of mental equilibrium. It improves digestion and gives freshness of breath. This herbal tea with a cool, refreshing taste and minty aroma quickly relieves symptoms of exhaustion caused by fatigue and lack of sleep; remedies nervousness and headaches.

Fragrant peppermint is a healthy drink for every day.
Ingredients: hand-picked mint leaves and flowers.
Net weight: 40 g. 
Kraft bag.

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