Winter Tea with Thyme and Echinacea

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Ingredients: plantain leaves, thyme leaves, sage leaves, althea herb, Echinacea purpurea herb, chamomile flowers, thyme flowers
Producer : VitaGreen LLC
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This tea will warm you up and take care of your health in inclement cold weather. That's because it contains a whole set of medicinal plants. For example, Echinacea increases immunity. Tea containing this plant will help you to get rid of the effects of the flu, intestinal infections. It is also a good remedy against colds. The betaine substance found in the plant can help prevent heart attacks or strokes. 
However, this drink contains more than just echinacea. The tea contains a mixture of beneficial herbs such as thyme, althea, plantain, sage, chamomile flowers. Each herb has its own beneficial properties. 
The use of this herbal blend promotes recovery if you drink the infusion at the first signs of colds and flu. The drink relieves pain and soreness in the throat, aches and pains in the body, reduces the cough. 
Net weight: 40 g.
Kraft bag.
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